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Sector expertise offered by TKAMCA

TKAMCA South Africa can provide your business with a range of accounting and business advisory services within a number of sectors. We understand that businesses value their advisers having deep embedded sector knowledge, At TKAMCA SA we work together to share this capability for the benefit of all clients at both a local and global level.

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Our Services

The heart of what we do
Assurance and advice are at the heart of what TKAMCA  do. Services such as audit, financial reporting and risk management advice gives your business the stability you need to manage effectively and achieve your objectives.

Why choose TKAMCA?
TKAMCA has worked with many different types of organisations. Our clients range from small owner-managed businesses, partnership and charities to listed companies, multinationals and government bodies so whatever your size, TKAMCA  have the right expertise for you.

Cost-effective and quality assured services from TKAMCA.
TKAMCA  cover a broad spectrum of industries and sectors. Internationally, the name of TKAMCA is recognized, respected and associated with the highest standards of independent auditing. By adopting advanced international audit techniques and using the latest technology, TKAMCA  offer an efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive service to every client regardless of size and location.

Advisory Services

We offer so much more than just a review of historical results. We assist and guide you to utilize real-time management information to facilitate sound strategic decision making. Our aim is to be a supportive accountability partner that can help you accomplish growth across multiple facets of your business.

    Advisory Services in Finance & Performance Management and Governance
    Audit & Governance Advisory
    Committee Services ( Support for CFOs and Finance Executives
    Corporate Governance Review ( including reviews of Integrated Reporting )
    Business Performance Improvement,
    Strategy Development & Business Planning
    Capacity Building/Training in areas of Finance.
    Performance Information
    Risk Management
    Governance and Taxation.

Business Risk Services

An effective risk management strategy never slows down an organisation – it makes it go faster. Regulatory requirements continue to grow. It is not just government regulation, but stakeholder and public and investor expectation as to governance and compliance. We can help you navigate through the challenges surrounding governance, risk and compliance.

New organisational risks are continuously emerging across strategic, regulatory, financial and operational business processes. There are any number of risks in today’s complex business environment, but the principal challenge lies in identifying the major risks by focusing systems on organisation objectives and determining the risk of potential deviation from these objectives. Once key risks are identified, an effective risk management strategy will provide oversight that provides management with effective controls and processes to eliminate or mitigate these.

The cornerstone of risk identification, assessment and management is a sound control system, which should promote organisational objectives of reliable reporting, safeguarding of assets, compliance with laws and regulations, and efficiency of operations.

Internal Auditing
Risk Management Reviews and Advice
Systems and Process Analysis, Design and Implementation

Internal Audit
We bring the required skills, experience and capacity to outsourcing clients’ internal audit function. Internal audit is a core resource in the governance process, and we draw on our firm-wide specialist skills to bring a comprehensive solution to our clients, as well as providing independent assurance on critical business processes.

Full outsourcing includes the performance of all internal audit activities – including risk assessment, audit planning, performance, communication/ reporting – on a recurring basis. The client may have or may choose not to have a chief audit manager.

Co-sourcing is when we assist with in-house internal audit functions in the execution of their internal audit plans.

Quality Assessment Reviews: in our quality assessment process, we perform a comprehensive review of the overall effectiveness of a client’s internal audit function. This would typically include:

Compliance with professional standards;
The effectiveness and efficiency of function activities;
Organisation, resource and skill capabilities;
Evaluation of stakeholder needs and fulfillment of those needs; and
Identification of strengths and improvement opportunities that strategic

Taxation Consulting
TKAMCA makes complex tax issues simple for you

Tax law, regulation and tax efficiency are complex areas for any business, so at TKAMCA we like to have a straightforward, no-nonsense approach.

By staying abreast of developments and the frequently changing rules, we ensure that you have a clear and full understanding, enabling you to make the right decisions with confidence.

The complexity of tax regimes varies from country to country and the many annual changes in tax law can serve to move international borders farther apart. Expert tax advice is therefore vital if you do business overseas.

Taxation Reviews and Advices ( Tax Planning )
VAT Reviews and Recovery

Corporate Finance and Structuring

Whether you are planning to review, expand, consolidate or exit your business, you need a team of capable, committed and creative specialists by your side.

Our corporate finance team understand the needs of your business and the context in which it operates. We can assist you to make smart business decisions based on accurate analysis and experience.

The corporate finance experts will assist you in the following areas:

Corporate Governance
Our corporate governance specialists provide a range of customised and specialist services to many clients across the private and public sector.

Our forensic services include best practice and cost-effective recommendations and solutions to fraud, corruption, theft and tender irregularities. In addition, we assist clients by developing customised policies and procedures for their businesses.

We assess the extent of your compliance with the King Report on Corporate Governance (King IV), the JSE Listings Requirements (including ALTx), the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), Treasury Regulations, the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA), IT, Risk Management and industry specific requirements. Our strategic risk assessment supports the internal audit operational plan and we conduct internal audits on your behalf.

A growing part of our business is the compliance function for legislation such as FAIS, FICA, PFMA, MFMA, BEE, Companies Act and the Promotion of Access to Information Act.

We undertake detailed reviews and provide recommendations for board charters, committee terms of reference, delegation of authority and assessments of the effectiveness of the board, directors and committees.

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